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Extractions at Aardent Dental Centre

Tooth extractions are usually a last resort for our patients. When possible, we try to make every effort to restore your natural tooth to a healthy state. Unfortunately, once a tooth is severely damaged or infected, it may be impossible to repair. Removing it is usually the best option to offer pain relief and prevent spread of infection.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

By the late teens to the early 20s, wisdom teeth may begin to cause complications such as tooth crowding, pain, infection or swelling. It’s often advisable to remove such teeth pre-emptively if we suspect that there is inadequate room for them to erupt normally. Being impacted or partially erupted can make wisdom teeth challenging to clean, increasing your risk of problems like decay or gum disease.

Keeping You Comfortable

If you’ve ever felt nervous about having a dental procedure completed, you’re not alone. Extractions and other types of oral surgery are both procedures where your comfort is extremely crucial to us. We offer anti-anxiety and sedation options in addition to local analgesia (numbing injections) such as

Oral Valium — A gentle sedative taken by mouth about 40 minutes prior to your procedure. You’ll feel relaxed, sleepy and may not remember very much afterwards.

Penthrox — This inhaled relaxant is convenient, yet effective. You can even drive yourself home following the procedure.

Hospital Privileges — Particularly difficult cases can be completed at the local hospital, with a specialist anaesthetist and medical support staff alongside you.

Planning and Recovery

Our dentist will thoroughly review your extraction case and any potential risks prior to your scheduled surgery. You’ll know exactly what to expect before the day arrives.

It’s normal to experience some mild to moderate discomfort after any oral surgery; we will prescribe painkillers, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication to assist with side effects as necessary.

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