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Maintain a confident smile with Aardent Dental 

The only thing worse than turning up to a Valentine’s Day date without flowers, or chocolate, is arriving with bad breath! Not only is it unpleasant to talk to somebody with offensive smelling breath, it is an effective way to avoid getting a kiss from that special someone. 

To give yourself a confident, appealing smile for Valentine’s day read on to find out how combat bad breath easily and effectively.

Brush and floss more often

While this might sound obvious, it is a practice not everyone strictly adheres to. Any dentist will recommend you brush your teeth at least twice a day, and floss once a day, but some find it easier to avoid bad breath by brushing after every meal. Brushing once a day with baking soda can also reduce acidity in the mouth and so minimise bacteria. 

Bad breath is caused by the plaque on your teeth collecting bacteria, as well as bits of food stuck between your teeth, that create a bad smell. Consistent flossing will help alleviate this as it removes small pieces of food and bacteria that a toothbrush cannot reach.

Use a tongue scraper

Residue from food and bacteria can build up on the folds of the tongue and taste buds, leading to bad breath. A simple way to remove this coating from the top of the tongue is to use a tongue scraper. This effective tool is gentle on the mouth, and cheap to purchase from a pharmacy or any good Perth dentist. A toothbrush can also be used instead, but tongue scrapers can more easily reach the back of the mouth.

Drink lots of water

A straightforward way to give your mouth a quick clean is to drink a lot of water. As well as keeping you hydrated, it prevents a dry mouth which exacerbates bad breath. A drink of water will help wash away pieces of food and bacteria, reducing possible foul odours that might put someone off that Valentine’s Day kiss!

Quit smoking

As well as the obvious health risks of smoking, puffing on a cigarette is a sure-fire way to give yourself bad breath. Tobacco dries out your mouth, increasing bacteria, as well as leaving a long-lasting smell that can linger even after brushing your teeth. Any non-smoker who has kissed someone who has just had a cigarette knows how nasty it can be!

Visit the dentist regularly for preventative dental treatments

To maintain good oral hygiene and prevent dental problems that can lead to bad breath, it’s very important to visit your dentist on a regular basis. Those with a chronic bad breath problem need to rule out more serious dental issues, so book an appointment straight away.

 Here at Aardent Dental in Perth we have an experienced team ready at our Vic Park dental clinic to provide thorough check ups, cosmetic dentistry, and tackle any dental emergency, in a calm and friendly manner. As well as ensuring your breath is date-ready we also provide services such as teeth whitening in our Victoria Park clinic to give you the best possible smile, making you confident and ready for that Valentine’s Day date!