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Dear Valued Aardent Dental Centre Patient, It seems that all we hear and talk about these days is COVID-19(Coronavirus). Nevertheless, we want to reassure you that we are taking extra measures in addition to our usual stringent hygiene practices. The health of our patients, staff and anyone who enters the building is of paramount importance to us. We are taking a multitude of precautions as recommended by the appropriate health authorities (and some of our own). These include,

  • Spacing of waiting room chairs by a minimum of 1.5meters.
  • Removal of magazines, newspapers and children’s toys from the waiting room.
  • Offering patients to wait in their cars if they prefer.
  • Insisting that all people who enter the building use hand sanitiser (provided).
  • Asking all people to practice high levels of cough/sneezing hygiene.
  • Requesting that anyone with a temperature/flu like symptoms contact us and postpone their dental appointment.
  • Regularly sanitising building surfaces like doorknobs etc.
  • Requiring patients for some procedures to rinse with 1% hydrogen peroxide solution (known to kill coronavirus in the mouth).
  • Availability of non-contact body temperature devices for patient screening if the situation escalates.

Please rest assured that we are open for business and able to continue our excellent level of treatment for you.

As you will be aware the situation is ever changing as will be our response. We will endeavour to keep you informed along the way.

Kindest regards,

Richard Williams

and the

Aardent Dental Centre Team

While it might be tempting to skip your dental check-up, it’s worth remembering that regular visits to the dentist help keep you on top of any developing issues before they become significant.

Read on to learn about why you need to schedule regular dental check-ups.


What is a dental check-up?

During a typical dental appointment, your dentist will:

  • Evaluate your tooth and gum health
  • Look for signs of vitamin deficiencies,
  • Look for signs of diabetes
  • Look for signs of oral cancer and other pathology
  • They will even inspect your jaws, saliva, and bite
  • Clean your teeth as required.

Most dentists pay attention to tartar and plaque build-up in teeth, as they are general precursors to gum disease. Food, tobacco, and beverages (like wine and coffee) can stain teeth. If the soft plaque isn’t removed quickly, it can harden and irritate your gum tissue.

Here are our top 8 reasons to get regular dental check-ups.


  • To protect your teeth

Early detection of problems like decay and gum disease ensures proper remedial action before the problem persists. Most adults over 30 experience some level of gum disease, which is the biggest culprit in tooth loss. You can avoid it by attending frequent dental check-ups.


  • To enhance your smile

During a professional dental clean, your dentist will remove the built-up plaque and tartar. They will focus on the areas that can’t be removed or reached by standard brushing at home. After your appointment, you may notice your teeth feel a little different; this is normal and means they are super clean. A thorough cleaning can remove staining and improve the look of your smile without needing to resort to cosmetic dentistry, although we are more than happy to help you with that!


  • To protect your general health

Did you know that regular dental check-ups can help improve your general health? Your dentist will check for several serious conditions in your mouth, like oral cancers, catching them before they spread.


  • To save money

Many people need to know regular dental check-ups are not very expensive. Consider the cost of undergoing an expensive procedure because you didn’t prevent the dental problem from developing. It makes financial sense to get regular check-ups.


  • To prevent gum disease and decay

As you probably know, gum disease and tooth decay are the two most common dental problems. Regular dental check-ups with your Vic Park Dentist can help identify them before they become significant problems.


  • To detect oral cancer and other medical conditions

Oral cancer, a severe and potentially life-threatening disease, can be successfully treated if caught early. Your dentist will check for any signs, looking for lumps, sores, or discoloured patches. There are also many other oral signs of systemic disease that your dentist will monitor in order to give you appropriate healthcare recommendations.


  • To maintain good oral hygiene

Regular dental check-ups are also vital to good oral hygiene. A thorough cleaning removes any plaque or tartar build-up, which can lead to gum disease and tooth decay. Your dentist will also provide hints and tips about improving your at-home oral hygiene routine (yes, you need to floss).


  • To save money

Prevention is the best medicine. By maintaining good oral hygiene and having regular check-ups, you’re more likely to catch issues early on, saving you from costly procedures down the line.


Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions that the Aardent Dental Centre team receive:

Q: How often do I need a dental check-up?

A: We recommend you visit your dental hygienist in Victoria Park at least twice a year for a routine check-up and clean. Keep in mind that this will depend on your specific needs and, of course, your dental health history.


Q: What will happen during my check-up?

A: Your dentist will examine your teeth, gums, and mouth for signs of decay, gum disease, or other issues. A dental hygienist will also clean your teeth to remove plaque or tartar build-up. They may also take X-rays to check for any underlying problems—they’ll discuss this with you during your appointment.


Q: How can I maintain good oral health between check-ups?

A: Good home oral hygiene is critical. Brush your teeth twice daily with fluoride toothpaste. Floss daily—your dentist will recommend the best oral tape. Eat a balanced diet, avoid sugary and acidic food and drinks, or at least drink plenty of water afterwards.

Worried about your next dental appointment?

If it’s been a long time since you last visited a dentist, you may be worried about whether to book an appointment. Most dental problems are better to treat early on, so we encourage you to book a check-up to give us the opportunity to diagnose issues while they are still relatively small. Waiting to address problems as they happen only leads to more invasive and expensive therapies in the future.

It’s critical to remember that dental problems like gum disease or tooth decay don’t heal themselves. Waiting until you’re in pain or the symptoms get worse can drastically compound the problem.
Our mission here at Aardent Dental Centre is to show our patients how to intercept common dental diseases and reverse them or treat them earlier, making care less invasive (and more affordable).


Why choose Aardent Dental Centre as your dentist in Victoria Park?

At Aardent Dental Centre, we pride ourselves on providing excellent dental care that’s tailored to your individual requirements. We can meet almost all dental needs in-house, though we are happy to refer you to other practitioners when necessary. Our experienced, welcoming team are ready to take care of you.

Aardent Dental Centre has 30 years of experience providing outstanding dental services in Vic Park, Perth, from emergency dental services to improving your smile through cosmetic dentistry.

Contact us today, and we’ll show you why the Aardent Dental Centre team is respected among dentists in Victoria Park and South Perth.