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Dear Valued Aardent Dental Centre Patient, It seems that all we hear and talk about these days is COVID-19(Coronavirus). Nevertheless, we want to reassure you that we are taking extra measures in addition to our usual stringent hygiene practices. The health of our patients, staff and anyone who enters the building is of paramount importance to us. We are taking a multitude of precautions as recommended by the appropriate health authorities (and some of our own). These include,

  • Spacing of waiting room chairs by a minimum of 1.5meters.
  • Removal of magazines, newspapers and children’s toys from the waiting room.
  • Offering patients to wait in their cars if they prefer.
  • Insisting that all people who enter the building use hand sanitiser (provided).
  • Asking all people to practice high levels of cough/sneezing hygiene.
  • Requesting that anyone with a temperature/flu like symptoms contact us and postpone their dental appointment.
  • Regularly sanitising building surfaces like doorknobs etc.
  • Requiring patients for some procedures to rinse with 1% hydrogen peroxide solution (known to kill coronavirus in the mouth).
  • Availability of non-contact body temperature devices for patient screening if the situation escalates.

Please rest assured that we are open for business and able to continue our excellent level of treatment for you.

As you will be aware the situation is ever changing as will be our response. We will endeavour to keep you informed along the way.

Kindest regards,

Richard Williams

and the

Aardent Dental Centre Team

There’s nothing worse than taking a sip of coffee or a gulp of iced water and feeling that sharp pain shoot through your teeth. For some people this happens inexplicably once in a blue moon, but for others this is a daily discomfort. Sensitive teeth are those that hurt when you drink or eat something cold or hot, sweet or sour. But why does this irritating ailment affect some of us and not others?


There are many external factors that can impact how your teeth react to temperature and other harsh victuals. These can range from brushing too hard, which can strip away the enamel and expose the sensitive dentine layer underneath, to slowly developing gum diseases which causes the gum to retract and expose these sensitive areas of the teeth. Other dental treatments can temporarily leave your teeth more prone to sensitivity, like crowns or fillings, and things like grinding your teeth or having a chipped tooth can result in the side effect of sensitive teeth. A common cause is ingesting too many acidic food and drinks, which over time wear down tooth enamel, as does regular vomiting.

Should I see a dentist?

While some people seem to have more naturally sensitive teeth than others, there are times when your teeth may suddenly become much more sensitive than before. This could be a sign of an underlying issue, and it is worth a visit to your dentist so they can look for and manage any dental problems that may have developed.

If you only occasionally experience sensitive teeth, or do have sensitive teeth but with low pain or irritation levels, it is worth mentioning this to your dentist when visiting for your regular check ups. The experienced dentists at the Aardent dental clinic in Perth can keep this in kind as they examine your teeth, and incorporate this into any dental advice they may give you.

Tips to reduce teeth sensitivity

The main way to improve the sensitivity levels of your teeth is consistent, regular teeth cleaning – brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash. However, those with sensitive teeth need to be sure they are applying the right amount of pressure, and not over brushing or using too much vigour when flossing. Consider buying a toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth, and choosing a toothbrush with softer bristles, so you can achieve that balance between a good clean that’s not too harsh.

Try and avoid overly hot or cold food and drinks, as well as harsh sweet or sour flavours. It is really important to have regular check-ups and teeth cleaning appointments, so an experienced dentist can remove harmful plaque and keep serious sensitivity at bay.

Visiting Aardent Dental

Here at Aardent Dental in Perth we have an experienced team ready at our Vic Park dental clinic to provide thorough check ups, cosmetic dentistry, and tackle any dental emergency, in a calm and friendly manner. We recommend you book a checkup every 6 months at our Perth family practice, and by combining this with good oral hygiene practices and avoiding harsh food and drink, together we can help keep that tooth sensitivity at bay.